Cornerstone Philosophy


Humans must exist in a state of balance between risk and safety.
Pure risk leads to self-destruction. Pure safety leads to stagnation.
In between lies survival and progress.

Nobody can guarantee “safe.” By living and going about our daily lives we put our safety at risk — all the time. What Cornerstone can guarantee is that threaded through everything we do are safety and risk management policies and procedures.  These are designed from a real world background and years of experience to ensure that you understand fully and completely the real risk to those assets you value.

This includes not only basic safety precautions to prevent accidents, but also a “what if” approach tailored towards your particular circumstance. Our employees are constantly and systematically assessing for risk versus benefit.  We bring that level of awareness and diligence to everything we do.

Our mission is to work with our clients to ensure the safety and security of their assets.  We specialize in consultation and inclusion in drafting policies and procedures to ensure healthy and safe environments for our clients and their families.  We provide personnel that are acknowledged leaders and professionals in the security field to ensure our clients are safe.