Enterprise Level Security


Critical Infrastructure Protection involves looking at the security needs of your business as a whole.  Piecemeal additions of security without attention to the end result may in fact work against each other.   

Asset protection, internet access, access to critical information and trade secrets and personal safety for employees and key staff including CEO’s and Board members are all areas for consideration when looking at infrastructure protection.

Eforensic-logoIn addition to preventing a breach or theft of your critical information Cornerstone is uniquely positioned to collect, investigate, and document instances involving electronic data.  Coupled with Cornerstone’s interviewing and investigative skills, our partners at E-Forensic Services (www.e-forensic.ca) offer a wide variety of services in data preservation and analysis to provide you with a complete picture of any event.    E-Forensic consultants have over 50 years combined investigative experience and 30 years in the Computer Forensics field.