Colin is a true leader, in that he would never ask someone to do something which he is not willing and able to do himself.  He is compassionate about everything in his life, and brings that to the table when he deals with anyone he is in contact with.  Colin always expects the best you can do for him, because he expects that of himself, nothing less is acceptable.  If there is a breakdown, for any reason, he always has a back-up plan.
-Sgt. Joe Arduini Rtd.

Street smarts, excellent communication skills, and respect for people from all walks of life, are what make Colin Worth a respected and dynamic leader.  He is not afraid to stand alone if he believes in something, and is always prepared to put his many years of policing experience to good use by helping others.   He is professional, insightful, and trustworthy.  He rolls up his sleeves, works hard, and leads by example.  Just like a good leader should!
-D. Chambers, Volunteer

Forethought with true conviction, confidence and an innate ability to maintain discipline while encouraging humor makes up exceptional characteristics of a leader, and this is my mentor - Colin Worth.
- V. Hayward,  Emergency Services Chief Dispatcher

Colin Worth leads by inspiring those around him with a calming but determined disposition. His words are purposeful and his vision is clear and effortlessly conveyed with charisma and passion.
- Dr. T. Reichert

I do not hesitate when I say that Colin is one of the most supportive, trustworthy, and compassionate supervisors with whom I have ever worked. Colin leads by example; he is an extremely hard worker and expects the best from the people that work with him. Colin stands up for what he believes. He is the epitome of leadership, loyalty, and team work, and will provide you with direction, encouragement, and guidance when required.
Cpl. C. Hughes, RCMP